Educate  * Inspire * Motivate

EEF provides engaging programs that foster environmental education through film and multimedia events, leadership development, professional enhancement coaching, and sustainability training. By providing practical resources,EEF creatively presents issues to raise awareness, teach environmental stewardship, develop leaders, and provide constructive solutions for the community and workplace.

Our approach fosters systems thinking so people begin to understand their interconnectedness, and how their daily actions impact the larger world around them.

EEF empowers people to shift from fear and denial to inspiration and action.

Armed with facts, a ‘how to’ guide, and a support network, people become motivated to take action based on intelligent, informed decisions.

We use film to educate on issues from global warming, species conservation, energy  and waste issues to how all these issues impact human rights.


Our Environmental Cafe program transforms
your cafeteria into a movie house!