EEF Environmental Cafe Program

Hi there! We’re so happy you decided to visit our website and learn more about the Environmental Education Fund (EEF for short).

We’re located in Trenton, NJ.

The Environmental Education Fund provides sustainability services and leadership skills training to organizations, schools, businesses and individuals to promote education that inspires sustainable practices.  We also conduct research on regulatory issues affecting the environment.

Our “Take this Festival and Run it” program combines practical training with resources, and a proven template for producing an environmental festival. Our Environmental Cafe program transforms your campus cafeteria into a movie house! Using mediums such as film, art, and discussions with thought leaders, pressing issues are creatively presented to raise awareness, inspire action, stewardship of the environment, and provide constructive solutions.

We see a lot of documentary films, and have fun sharing them. The best part is seeing people change as they work on their own festivals, and grow as they “take this festival and run it.”

The time is ripe for all of us to help protect our earth, and stand up for our kids.